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Created by Jason Pearl, CEO of Nacre Consulting, one of the nation’s top growth leaders specializing in scaling small to medium-sized companies from startup to acquisition. Jason has helped some of the industry’s fastest-growing companies generate more than $500 million in revenue over the last 36 months.

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Day 1 Lesson: How to identify what type of leader you are
Day 1 Template: Leadership Journal Prompts: Analyze your leadership style and find opportunities for growth.

Day 2 Lesson: How to effectively lead during tough times
Day 2 Template: Action Plan Roadmap: A checklist to help you navigate your team through challenging times.

Day 3 Lesson: How to stop ignoring “painful” signs that could mean danger for your business
Day 3 Template: Problem Identification Worksheet: Essential thought starters for your leadership team.

Day 4 Lesson: How to handle opportunity when it comes your way
Day 4 Template: Exclusive ChatGPT Prompt to help write your next sales follow-up email.

Day 5 Lesson: The 6 traits all successful leader share
Day 5 Template: Interview Discussion Guide: Questions to ask to help you hire great leaders.

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